SEO, or search engine optimization, is the work done in the backend of your website and social profiles that tells the search engines to “see” that page for terms for which you want it to be found. On your website, this involves editing multiple elements of your site based on the criteria the search engines look for when “choosing” websites for their organic results. These elements include each page’s title tags, your on-page content, the alt data for images, and the meta description for each page, among other things.There are best practices around how your title tags should be laid out, how often your keywords/search terms should appear in your content, how many characters your title tags and meta descriptions should have, etc. Each search engine has different rules for these elements. A good SEO practitioner will know how to choose which search engine is your priority based on the audience you’re trying to reach, as well as understand how to work with those rules to get you ranked on more than one search engine.

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