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What Does Engagement Mean?

What Does Engagement Mean?| Social Media | Asterisk CreativeIn the world of social media, there’s a lot of talk about engagement. But what does engagement mean?

At its very root, engagement is the act of someone interacting with your content. In terms of the big three: If you’re familiar with Facebook, it would be a like, share or comment. On Twitter, it would be a like, a retweet or a reply. Instagram engagement consists of likes and comments.

Engagement is important because it’s a large factor in your social media success. If your posts aren’t getting interactions on Facebook, the algorithm works against showing your posts in the future. Being responsive on Twitter shows users that you pay attention; a lack of response looks like you don’t care. So responsive companies are more likely to convert those people into leads or customers. Instagram is owned by Facebook, and its algorithm is constantly changing. But even now, the less interaction a post gets, the algorithm shows that post – and future posts – to fewer folks.At Asterisk Creative, we’re pros at creating engaging content for social media outlets. If you need help, contact Asterisk Creative for your social media needs today.