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Does Your Website Design Make Your Company Seem Trustworthy?

Does Your Website Design Make Your Company Seem Trustworthy? | Asterisk CreativeMany studies have been done over the years on what makes folks want to complete a purchase with a company. Time after time, the results have shown that people buy from companies they feel are trustworthy. And as it turns out, a company’s website design plays a role in determining that trustworthiness. So what elements should be a part of your website to help build that feeling?

  • Your website design should be straightforward and easy to navigate. The easier it is to find information, the less it seems like there are things you’re trying to hide.
  • Include testimonials. Seeing that other current customers have had positive experiences gives credence to the feeling that this visitor will have a positive experience, too.
  • Feature clear calls to action. Visitors often don’t know the next step unless you explicitly tell them. Make it easy by showing them clearly and appropriately how to buy your product straight from the site or how to contact you. Additionally, lots of visitors won’t read your content or will only skim your copy. Prominently show your contact information in the header of all pages of your site. It needs to be one of the first thing seen on each page.
  • Make sure third-party endorsements are prominently featured as well. If you’re certified by the Better Business Bureau, they offer a logo for websites to show this. Logos for industry certifications and awards can also impart that you’re trusted by those in the know in your industry. In turn, this can build a sense of trustworthiness to your site visitors, too.
  • If possible, include a live chat feature. Consumers want instant gratification but also a connection with those they choose to do business with. While social media outlets can help with this, particularly if you have someone responding to tweets and comments in a timely manner, incorporating a similar experience from your website can influence purchases without sending potential customers to yet another online spot.

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