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The Dos and Don’ts of Cross Posting

The Dos and Don’ts of Cross Posting | Asterisk CreativeFor years, social media practitioners have touted the benefits of repurposing content. This is the practice of using one piece of content to reach audiences on multiple outlets. However, the methodology of cross posting varies. For many unfamiliar with social media strategy, the definition of cross posting is simply posting the same message on every outlet they use. This isn’t a good idea, though. So here are a few dos and don’ts of cross posting.

Do use the same content ideas.
A great photo of your team or your products should be shared. The same goes for your blog posts and links to media coverage for your business.

Don’t use the exact same content.
Each social media outlet has its own character limit for posts, optimal image sizes, ways to tag/mention others, etc. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter allow clickable links in posts; Instagram doesn’t. Make sure you’re following each outlet’s “rules” to make the most of your posts.

Do make sure you’re talking to the audience appropriately.
It’s unlikely that the folks that like your Facebook page are the same people that follow you on Twitter. Your Facebook page is likely a bit more casual than your LinkedIn company page. Know your audience on each outlet, and phrase your posts just as you’d talk to them in person. In addition, you should know from each outlet’s analytics when is the best time for you to post on there in order to reach your audience. Use that data.

Don’t post content to an outlet that doesn’t belong there.
The best example of this is looking at how people use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business-related social media outlet. A fun, behind-the-scenes photo of your team’s outing to a local brewery may go over well on Facebook or Instagram. It’s not necessarily the right fit for LinkedIn.

At Asterisk Creative, our social media team stays on top of cross posting best practices, and we put that information to use for our clients daily. If you’re looking for help with your social media strategy, give Asterisk Creative a call today!