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What Does Public Relations Entail?

Public relations focuses on “earned media”, but exactly what does public relations entail? “Earned” media are items like stories appearing on websites and TV programs or in newspapers and magazines. It’s all about increasing a company’s visibility through as many respected editorial outlets as possible.

Some public relations tactics include:

  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Writing pitches about a company and sending them to journalists, bloggers, or influencers
  • Creating and executing special events
  • Conducting market research on the client’s messaging and/or competitors, then composing and implementing strategies accordingly
  • Copy writing for websites and/or traditional media
  • Employing social media promotions
  • Responding to negative opinions of the company online

We say these are some of the public relations tactics available because there are a ton of methods out there. No one public relations plan or strategy will work for everyone. And a good public relations practitioner will get to know your company, your branding and your messaging to craft the perfect custom public relations strategy for you.

Good public relations involves good storytelling, and we love a good story, especially from our clients. The PR arm of Asterisk Creative is agile enough to handle when a client’s strategy needs a change but large enough to have the connections and insight to get the job done correctly. When it comes to public relations, Asterisk Creative has you covered. Get your message out the right way. Contact Asterisk Creative today.