What Every Business Owner Should Know About Public Relations

What All Business Owners Should Know About Public Relations | Asterisk CreativeA lot of people out there tend to confuse marketing and public relations. While they are similar and work hand-in-hand, at the end of the day, they are different. Here are a few things all business owners should know about public relations.

  • Public relations is based on earned media, mentions that cannot be bought and paid for. Instead, they are garnered by your business’ reputation and the connections your public relations person or staff can make work for you.
  • Public relations is not just for crisis management. Yes, having a great public relations team can help mitigate the damage should a crisis arise. But without them out there telling your story when your company is not in crisis mode, their efforts may be futile if you, your company, or any of its employees find yourself in trouble.
  • Similarly, your public relations practitioner cannot force a reporter or publication to produce a story about you. We can submit press releases telling your story or news, and we can pitch your story/news to reporters and editors with whom we have a relationship. The acceptance of the story by the media, though, is not up to us.
  • Public relations professionals should be able to help you find interesting angles that make your story newsworthy. Do you own a restaurant that’s helping to feed the homeless in an area where homelessness is abundant? If that homelessness situation is in the news, you have an angle. Do you own a construction company that’s sending a team to help rebuild after a natural disaster? Again, if that disaster is in the news, you have an angle. It’s noteworthy that even the quiet elements of your business can help your story be told.

Put the southeast’s premier public relations team to work for you. We love being storytellers. And above all we pride ourselves on our ability to work with our clients’ budgets to create results through a variety of public relations efforts. Contact Asterisk Creative today.

What Is Your USP?

What is Your USP | Unique Selling Point | Asterisk Creative | Public Relations AgencyAs we’ve mentioned before, at Asterisk Creative, we’re storytellers. Our public relations team works not just to tell your history. We also work to tell the story of what you’re doing now and where your company is going. A huge part of that is your USP, or unique selling point.

When we sit down with our public relations clients for the first time, part of the conversation centers around why customers should choose them over their competitors. Many business owners haven’t had to have this conversation before. We get a lot of sales-y talk – free consultations, the best service in the industry, this or that guarantee. But at the end of the day, those are offered by a lot of companies in their particular industry. They aren’t really things that set the client apart from their competition.

Every company has a USP, something that is completely unique to them and that no other company in their industry can say or offer. That USP is central and vital to your story. Maybe it’s that your company has been owned by the same family for 50 years. Perhaps it’s that your company has been in the same location since 1923, even with modernization going on all around you. Maybe it’s a very niche market that you serve.

When you work with Asterisk Creative’s public relations team, we help you find your unique selling point if it’s not immediately known. We know the questions to ask. Then we know how to take that information and make it into something great. Something that stands out. Something that makes your target audience want to work with you. We also know how and where to pitch your story and your USP to get you coverage and seen by that target audience.

So what is your USP? Contact Asterisk Creative today to get your USP and your story told.

Why Do You Need Public Relations?

Why Do You Need Public Relations? | Asterisk Creative | Public Relations AgencyThere are many business owners that prefer advertising over public relations. Advertising provides a business ultimate control over the message put out to the public, the outlets where the message appears, and more. But there are reasons you also need public relations.

Most customers know that a company pays for advertising and controls most everything about it. However, they’re not always aware of how publications and news shows get their story ideas. They don’t know that a public relations professional may have presented the story to the outlet. Therefore, customers see that the outlet saw the story as newsworthy or one that should be presented to the public. There’s an element of trust that follows the subject of the story.

Additionally, public relations is built on relationships. A PR pro leverages the network they’ve built, typically over years in the news or public relations industry, to make sure your story gets told in the best manner possible. They’ll know where your audience spends their time with different media – online, in front of the TV, while listening to the radio, and/ or when reading magazines or newspapers. As such, they’ll know where their pitches will stick. Your public relations company will also be able to pick up on elements of your business that you may not see as “newsworthy”. PR professionals spin these in ways that create extra coverage for you, sometimes in outlets that might not otherwise be a good fit. This means you’ll be exposed to a whole other audience.

When you’re ready to get your PR game ramped up and taken to the next level, contact Asterisk Creative. Our public relations team is ready to help!

What Does Public Relations Entail?

Public relations focuses on “earned media”, but exactly what does public relations entail? “Earned” media are items like stories appearing on websites and TV programs or in newspapers and magazines. It’s all about increasing a company’s visibility through as many respected editorial outlets as possible.

Some public relations tactics include:

  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Writing pitches about a company and sending them to journalists, bloggers, or influencers
  • Creating and executing special events
  • Conducting market research on the client’s messaging and/or competitors, then composing and implementing strategies accordingly
  • Copy writing for websites and/or traditional media
  • Employing social media promotions
  • Responding to negative opinions of the company online

We say these are some of the public relations tactics available because there are a ton of methods out there. No one public relations plan or strategy will work for everyone. And a good public relations practitioner will get to know your company, your branding and your messaging to craft the perfect custom public relations strategy for you.

Good public relations involves good storytelling, and we love a good story, especially from our clients. The PR arm of Asterisk Creative is agile enough to handle when a client’s strategy needs a change but large enough to have the connections and insight to get the job done correctly. When it comes to public relations, Asterisk Creative has you covered. Get your message out the right way. Contact Asterisk Creative today.