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Top Reasons You Need a PR Pro

Why You Need a PR Pro | Public Relations Agency | Asterisk CreativeA lot of business owners try to handle everything themselves, at least as much as is possible. Sure, that does keep costs down, but sometimes at the detriment of the business. One such case would be the business owner that tries to handle public relations on their own. Here are our top reasons you need a PR pro.

  1. We know what’s news.
    Part of a public relations professional’s job is to get their clients’ stories featured in news outlets. Some stories are meant to shine; some are better left on the back burner a bit. A good PR pro will know the difference, and therefore they’ll know what not to waste the time of a reporter with.
  2. We know how to manage appropriate outreach.
    On a related note, not every publication or tv station works for a particular client or a particular story. A good PR pro will also know – or be able to find out – if an outlet is appropriate and will have the right contacts to get their clients an “in” in the right places. Similarly, we’ll know how to get your name into the community surrounding the business in a positive way and how to get you in front of your potential customers.
  3. We have the contacts to make things happen.
    Contacts are the name of the game in the public relations world. Need a story published? A good public relations person knows someone. Throwing an event as part of a product launch or company celebration? Good PR pros already know the local media people and influencers you need to invite.

As a business owner, CEO, or member of the C-suite, you have a lot on your plate. Culling a media list, an influencer list, a publication list, maintaining these relationships, and putting together everything you need for an effective public relations strategy certainly shouldn’t be piled on top of everything else. Let us help. Because the public relations team at Asterisk Creative has the knowledge, experience, and contacts to take your business to the next level, you should contact us today!