What Does it Mean to be a Marketing and Communications Agency?

What Does it Mean to be a Marketing and Communications Agency?At Asterisk Creative, we pride ourselves on being an award-winning marketing and communications agency. But what exactly does that mean?

Bascially, a marketing and communications agency takes a full-service approach. We understand that no matter the set up, marketing must work with public relations which must work with digital and so on and so forth. It’s best for all involved when all of those entities can be under one roof.

At Asterisk Creative, we have teams that are segmented by specialty. However, we all work together to offer you a holistic approach. Whether you’re in need of branding, public relations, SEO, social media management, marketing materials, web design and development, or some combination thereof, our teams work together to make sure your messaging is cohesive and your overall goals are met. All of your campaigns are multi-faceted, and all facets are designed to work together. Your marketing communications are custom-designed to speak to your company and each of its target audiences. What you get in return is a higher lead generation count which ups your potential to increase sales. This is exactly what you should expect from a marketing and communications agency worth its salt.

If this sounds like the type of help you need – or that you’ll be looking for in the new year – give us a shout. We’d love to add you to our client roster and get your business going gangbusters!

Understanding Asterisk’s Branding Agency Services

Understanding Asterisk’s Branding Agency Services | Asterisk Creative | Premier Branding Agency for the SoutheastWe all have a general idea of what a brand is and what branding means. But when it gets to the nuts and bolts, most don’t fully understand branding agency services. Here’s what you should know.

As we mention on our Branding page, Asterisk Creative is a premier creative branding agency. Our approach involves getting your brand to convey your business’ story and message in a clear, concise, and relevant manner.

Our branding agency services start with what we call the discovery phase. Before we start building audience personas or crafting messages, we want to get to know you and your business. We want to know where you are now and where you want to go. Only when we’re all on the same page can we build a branding strategy that will work.

The second tier of our branding agency services involves creating a comprehensive plan to utilize an appropriate variety of outlets to communicate your message and reach your goals. In creating this plan, we involve our public relations team, our web design and graphic design team, and our social media and SEO teams to make sure the plan for ALL of your marketing elements are working together to effectively communicate your branding message and helping you reach your marketing and branding goals.

Finally, as we implement your campaign or campaigns, our branding agency services include bringing in amazing team members as needed. We work with photographers and videographers that are at the top of their field. For printed materials, we only choose top-notch print shops. When boosting your brand message requires an event, we make sure influencers and the audiences your product or service needs to be in front of are invited. All of this is to ensure a cohesive brand message for you.

When your brand needs a revamp or to be taken to the next level, put Asterisk Creative’s branding agency services to work for you. Give us a shout today!

Using Search to Build Your Brand

Using Search to Build Your Brand | Asterisk Creative | Branding AgencyIn these days of tweets, posts, and online reviews, a brand can be made or broken in 280 characters or less. Taking real-life customer service to the digital world is now a necessity. Here are a few tips from Asterisk Creative on using search to build your brand.


Use Google’s questions and answers as a cue for your site’s content.
Ever notice when you’re typing in a search, Google gives you potential ways to auto-finish your query? You can start to perform queries about your own business and products/services to see what others are asking. Then you can build blog posts and on-page copy to answer the questions you find.

Proofread your work. Have others proofread your work.
User experience plays a large role in organic rankings in the form of website bounce rates. If your website is filled with typos and grammar errors, folks aren’t going to stick around. In turn, your organic rankings are going to suffer. Similarly, if your social media posts are misspelled, noticeably grammatically incorrect, or written in “text speak,” you’re not representing your brand well there, either. And as a result, you’re likely driving those seeing your posts to your competitors.

Prompt responses are necessary.
It’s widely known that on many social media outlets, particularly Facebook and Instagram, if you do not respond to direct messages and/or comments promptly, the outlet will label your account as unresponsive. This signals the algorithms to lessen your organic reach. It will be even harder than it already is to get your posts seen. (Some rumors have “promptly” defined as an hour or less, FYI.) Pay attention to your engagements and react appropriately.

Keep your NAP consistent.
When you’re filling out online profiles like Google My Business, Yelp, etc, make sure your NAP (name, address, and phone number) are EXACTLY the same across the board. While this seems minor, when it comes to your brand online, and how the search engines show your company in search results, it makes a world of difference.

As Warren Buffet’s famous quote goes, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Now take into consideration that he said this in 2005, long before social media, and all of its “instant gratification” – for better or for worse – became widespread foundations in our daily lives. You can no longer afford to leave your digital marketing or branding efforts to chance. Contact Asterisk Creative, and let us help.

Minimalism in Branding

Minimalism in Branding | Asterisk Creative | Branding Agency for the SoutheastBranding, at its core, is about communicating your company’s identity in a concise and consistent manner. This all has to be done in a way that also makes a connection with your customers – current and potential. Lately, we’ve noticed a movement towards minimalism in branding as a whole. Here’s why this is a good thing.

Minimalism takes a pared-down approach. Designers get rid of all the unnecessary stuff, keeping only what’s important to the design and the brand. This leaves you simply with clean colors, straightforward graphics, and easy-to-understand content. It goes without saying that the simpler you make it for people to connect with your brand, the more likely that connection will happen.

In addition, simple designs, shapes, and colors make it easier for your brand to be remembered. When you strip away the fluff and leave only what you want to be remembered or what needs to be remembered, you have a brand and design that will stick with people.

Another underemphasized bonus to minimalism in branding is the ability to keep it consistent. Again, this comes back to the fact that you’re keeping only what’s important. The fewer elements there are to recreate and communicate, the easier it is to recognize your brand. And in an age where your branding and messaging needs to match across a broader array of outlets – print, television, social media, internet/website, and more – the easier you make it, the better.

Whether you’re starting your branding from scratch or in need of a brand overhaul, Asterisk Creative’s branding team has an answer for you. Give us a shout, and let’s take your brand to the next level!

The Power of Color in Design

The Power of Color in Design | Asterisk CreativeWhen it comes to design, color has power. Everything from how your brand is perceived by potential clients to how well your brand stands out amongst competitors is influenced by the colors you choose. So how can you harness the power of color?

First, you need to be aware of what cues colors send. Red, for example, imparts passion and excitement. Yellow sends a message of happiness. Orange screams “high energy”. Greens and blues signal tranquility. Purple is traditionally equated with royalty. Brown is associated with nature. Pink is seen as feminine and romantic. Black ranges from sophisticated and luxurious to sorrowful. White is the symbol of purity.

Once you’ve considered the colors’ meanings, think about what you want your brand and marketing materials to convey. Studies have shown that color can increase brand recognition by up to 80% and that many first impressions about a brand or a product are formed solely on color. So choosing appropriate colors can be just as important, if not more important, than the words you use. If you’re promoting a high-energy dance club, a tranquil blue is probably not going to attract the right crowd. Conversely, if you own a yoga studio that specializes in restorative classes, reds and oranges won’t send that message effectively.

At Asterisk Creative, branding is a specialty of ours. Between our branding team, our design team, and our website developers, we are well-versed in using color to appropriately convey your brand’s messaging and values. We know how to take a competitive analysis and also use color to help you stand out in your crowd.

When you’re ready to harness the power of color, give us a shout and let us help take your brand and your company to the next level!

The Rise of the Socially Conscious Brand

The Rise of the Socially Conscious Brand | Asterisk CreativeGone are the days when having a superior product or service is enough to be a success in your industry. More and more, consumers are choosing to do business with brands and companies that align with their values. A recent study showed that consumers are more likely to research the causes and culture of a company before buying. This is particularly true of Gen Z and Millennials. Businesses must clearly communicate the causes it is committed to, as a result. But how do you do that?

First of all, a socially conscious brand is authentic. The entire culture of the company reflects the cause or causes the brand is associated with. This isn’t a matter of choosing whatever social issue is popular that day and throwing money at it. This gets into a company being able to show internal policies and behaviors that support the issue, on top of the donations, volunteerism, etc behind it. Otherwise, the public will quickly be able to poke holes in the validity. In turn, the public will lose trust in the brand.

Companies that adopt this type of culture have to be prepared for the policies to be applauded AND criticized. Take, for example, Patagonia’s reaction to the announcement that the size of protected land in the U.S. would be significantly reduced. The company changed the homepage of its website to simply say, “The President Stole Your Land”. Given that Patagonia’s mission statement is “[w]e’re in business to save our home planet” and that they’ve long been known for sustainability and a commitment to earth- and land-related causes, this stance rang true for the brand, and many approved of the brand making such a bold statement. However, some felt the statement went over-political and crossed a line. Either way, it drove engagement in a way that was aligned with what the brand has been known for.

Similarly, to truly be seen as a supporter of a cause, a brand needs to be aware of events and times of year that are significant to the cause. Then they should build timely supportive content around that. If your brand’s cause is supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, you should be broadcasting your support during Pride month and posting your opposition to legislation against same-sex marriage. If your brand aligns with environmental conservation, Earth Day would be a significant event each year. You should also be speaking out against any environmentally-harmful legislation that comes up. No matter what causes your brand aligns with, missing the opportunity to speak out makes your “support” ring hollow to those whom your support means the most.

Make sure your brand isn’t missing the boat when it comes to its efforts on social issues. Contact Asterisk Creative, and let’s get your branding strategy on the right course.

Top Branding Trends for 2019

Top Branding Trends of 2019 | Branding Tips | Asterisk CreativeWe may be only a few months in to the year, but the top branding trends of 2019 are already starting to emerge. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Conversational marketing being ingrained as part of the brand.
    As technology evolves, applications such as social media and chat bots are also evolving. They’re becoming a bigger part of companies’ brands. People used to be forced to call a customer service line to get an answer to a question. They’re now using social media comments, Facebook Messenger, tweets, Instagram DMs, and email to get in touch. And they possibly get a faster answer or one that doesn’t require them to sit on hold for an eternity. Many companies have built brands known for their responsiveness to these “new” customer service outlets. That’s happening more and more!
  • A company’s brand becoming more of a factor in where a customer makes a purchase.
    In many cases, a widget is a widget is a widget. With customers being faced with seemingly never-ending options online and offline for their purchases, they’re often looking to buy from companies whose stance on issues important to them align with their own. As a result, many companies are now publicly stating their policies in subtle and not-so-subtle ways via their social media, advertising, and public relations efforts. This, in turn, becomes part of their branding.
  • Influencers as brand ambassadors making an impact.
    As social media continues to be a part of daily life for most, more and more purchases are impacted by what they see there. When a person is in the market for a particular product or service, seeing accounts they follow on social media endorse a specific vendor is making an increasingly profound impact on which vendor they ultimately decide to use for the purchase. So it comes as no surprise that the more popular or famous the account is, the more likely it is to influence purchases.
  • Serif fonts making a return.
    For a long time, serif fonts were poo-poo’d because studies showed they didn’t translate well onscreen. They were deemed hard to read. As screen resolutions have gotten better and style trends have evolved into favoring larger type, though, the readability of serif fonts has improved. As such, this has made them viable for use in logos and branding overall.

Ready to bring your brand in line with the ever-progressing trends? Contact Asterisk Creative. We’re here to help!

Let Us Be Your Storytellers

Let Us Be Your Storytellers | Southeast Marketing and Branding Agency | Asterisk CreativeAt Asterisk Creative, we talk a lot about being storytellers. But what do we mean by that?

Effective advertising and marketing campaigns don’t just market a product or a service. They convey your brand message to your target audience. They authentically communicate the values of your company. In short, they tell your story.

As one of the southeast’s premier advertising, marketing and branding agencies, Asterisk Creative has made storytelling an award-winning business. We understand that in order to grow a brand you must find the genuine values that speak to your target audience. We know that you must then leverage those in a way that creates new business. Our team focuses on your marketing and branding goals and how they pertain to your overall business objectives.  We take a big-picture look at what is meaningful branding-wise, and we set a clear definition of what success will look like. Our team then gets to work on creating a branding and marketing strategy that is the right mixture of design, advertising, & public relations. All to get your story told effectively.

We have a team of storytellers, creative minds with the capability to create content, design, and experiences that will speak to your audience in a way nothing else can. Contact Asterisk Creative and have your story told.

How Do You Decide Your Brand Message?

how to decide your brand message | branding agency | asterisk creativeAt Asterisk Creative, we talk a lot about brand messaging and sticking to a brand’s message. But how do you decide your brand message?

First things first. Consider your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? What of their pain points that your product or service can solve? How can you strike a chord emotionally to make your product or service their preferred solution?

Next, talk to your target audience. What do they know about your company? How does your company rank in their minds when compared to your competitors? You can get this intel through focus groups or surveys.

Now you look at where these two sources of information align. Play up what your target audience knows about you and what they see as the things that give you an upper-hand. You don’t need to mention a specific competitor to highlight your high points. Speak to what your audience WANTS to hear, and differentiate yourself within that space.

Most importantly, be true to yourself or your company’s core values. Potential clients can smell authenticity a mile away…and that’s what they want. If they get the sense that a company solely wants their money and doesn’t care if they’re putting out a good product or trying to help solve a problem they have, they’ll find another solution.

There’s a lot to consider when figuring out your brand and its messaging. When added to the plate of an entrepreneur that’s also trying to run a business, it can become overwhelming and get pushed aside. But branding is ultimately needed. Don’t push it aside. Contact Asterisk Creative today for the branding help you deserve.

What is Branding?

What is Branding | Asterisk Creative | Advertising, Marketing, Branding AgencyAt Asterisk Creative, we offer branding as one of our services. But what is branding?

Your brand is everything your business encompasses – the name, the image, the culture, the idea that comes to mind for clients and potential clients they think of your company. Basically, it’s everything that differentiates you from your competition and helps you retain your clients.

When we bring on a branding client, we’re used to starting from the ground up. As we say on our website, “we start every project by bringing together people from strategy, media, creative, technology, and public relations.” In order for your branding to work, all of these elements need to gel, to tell the same story or message.

How do you want your company to be known? Everything from your color scheme, your website design, and social media graphics to your print ads and business cards should speak to that tone. Taking phone calls? How you and your employees answer the phone is part of your brand. Sending emails? Your email signature speaks about your brand to recipients. Consistency is key, and using the same “voice” across all marketing and advertising tells your clients and potential clients how you’re going to help solve their problems. And that’s the element that persuades them to buy from you.

The Asterisk Creative team is here to help, not just in creating your brand but in producing the elements that will build it publicly. We offer website design, graphic design for marketing materials and advertising campaigns, public relations, and more! Ready to be on board? Give us a shout and let’s get started!