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How Do You Decide Your Brand Message?

how to decide your brand message | branding agency | asterisk creativeAt Asterisk Creative, we talk a lot about brand messaging and sticking to a brand’s message. But how do you decide your brand message?

First things first. Consider your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? What of their pain points that your product or service can solve? How can you strike a chord emotionally to make your product or service their preferred solution?

Next, talk to your target audience. What do they know about your company? How does your company rank in their minds when compared to your competitors? You can get this intel through focus groups or surveys.

Now you look at where these two sources of information align. Play up what your target audience knows about you and what they see as the things that give you an upper-hand. You don’t need to mention a specific competitor to highlight your high points. Speak to what your audience WANTS to hear, and differentiate yourself within that space.

Most importantly, be true to yourself or your company’s core values. Potential clients can smell authenticity a mile away…and that’s what they want. If they get the sense that a company solely wants their money and doesn’t care if they’re putting out a good product or trying to help solve a problem they have, they’ll find another solution.

There’s a lot to consider when figuring out your brand and its messaging. When added to the plate of an entrepreneur that’s also trying to run a business, it can become overwhelming and get pushed aside. But branding is ultimately needed. Don’t push it aside. Contact Asterisk Creative today for the branding help you deserve.