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Public Relations Trends for 2020

Public Relations Trends for 2020 | Public Relations Firm for the Southeast | Asterisk CreativeWe’re already almost a month into the third quarter of 2019, and we’re launching headlong toward 2020. It’s the time of year when budgets and goals for the next year are being set. A lot of business owners set budgets and goals based on what’s current, not what is projected for next year. We have our ears to the ground, though. Here’s what we’re hearing as public relations trends for 2020 and where your time and money should be spent.

Data will increasingly become an integral part of forming campaigns and strategies. In days gone by, public relations professionals could rely on hunches. As more and more marketing, advertising, and public relations efforts go digital, though, more and more data is available. We will be able to measure a campaign’s impact more accurately and more immediately. Thus we’ll be able to make better decisions faster, and we’ll be able to construct more selective, targeted campaigns to reach more specific audiences.

Similarly, public relations pros will be integrating their strategies more with those of a company’s marketing team. The full picture of a company’s social media efforts, influencer initiatives, and digital footprint, as well as what’s going on in other marketing outlets, will need to be considered when developing content and how it’s communicated and broadcast.

There will be an increase in the demand from consumers for accurate, transparent, and authentic content. When telling a brand’s story, a PR practitioner is going to have to craft it in a way that really connects with the audience, a way that’s honest and perhaps even a bit vulnerable, to gain traction.

Socially conscious branding will continue to grow, especially with it being an election year. The role of a public relations pro in 2020 will encompass telling the stories behind this branding. This will mean communicating the importance of the causes a company supports along with why these causes are authentically ingrained in the company’s culture.

Keeping current is crucial when it comes to winning in business. When you need a team that’s not only on top of public relations trends but can also offer you full-service PR, marketing, and advertising to keep you ahead of your competition, give Asterisk Creative a shout. Our award-winning methods can take your company to the next level!