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Why Do You Need Public Relations?

Why Do You Need Public Relations? | Asterisk Creative | Public Relations AgencyThere are many business owners that prefer advertising over public relations. Advertising provides a business ultimate control over the message put out to the public, the outlets where the message appears, and more. But there are reasons you also need public relations.

Most customers know that a company pays for advertising and controls most everything about it. However, they’re not always aware of how publications and news shows get their story ideas. They don’t know that a public relations professional may have presented the story to the outlet. Therefore, customers see that the outlet saw the story as newsworthy or one that should be presented to the public. There’s an element of trust that follows the subject of the story.

Additionally, public relations is built on relationships. A PR pro leverages the network they’ve built, typically over years in the news or public relations industry, to make sure your story gets told in the best manner possible. They’ll know where your audience spends their time with different media – online, in front of the TV, while listening to the radio, and/ or when reading magazines or newspapers. As such, they’ll know where their pitches will stick. Your public relations company will also be able to pick up on elements of your business that you may not see as “newsworthy”. PR professionals spin these in ways that create extra coverage for you, sometimes in outlets that might not otherwise be a good fit. This means you’ll be exposed to a whole other audience.

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