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Is Image Alt Data Really Important for SEO?

Is Image Alt Data Really Important for SEO? | Asterisk Creative | SEO in the SoutheastWhen it comes to search engine optimization, there are several elements that should – no, NEED to – be optimized. Most people with a general knowledge of SEO know that the on-page content should include keywords you’d like the page to show for in the search results. With a little deeper understanding of SEO, you learn that title tags are among the first places the search engines look for information about the page and that each page needs its own unique, keyword-rich meta description – for the benefit of the search engines and for searchers. But an element that many overlook or underestimate is the image alt data. Is image alt data really important for SEO?

If your images are properly optimized with titles and/or alt data that includes relevant keywords, they will be more likely to show up in an image search for those terms. This has the potential to increase the visibility of, and the amount of traffic to, your website. In turn, it has the potential to generate leads and ultimately sales for your business, particularly if your website design is built with the best practices for conversion in place.

More than likely, this will not be a huge increase. But this effort only takes few minutes per image, in general. If that turns into just one more sale per month, the effort will likely end up paying for itself multiple times over.

Our SEO team is well-versed in image optimization, as well as other on-page SEO techniques. And our website design team knows how to built sites meant to convert. When you’re ready to take your website to the next level, give Asterisk Creative a call!