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Lead Generation in the Face of the Death of Sales Calls

Lead Generation in the Face of the Death of Sales Calls | Asterisk Creative | Southeast Branding and Marketing AgencyA recent study showed that nearly 90% of consumers no longer answer their phones, particularly if they don’t recognize the number calling. Arguably, this is due to the increase in telemarketing and spam robocalls. So if the unsolicited sales call is dead, how is lead generation supposed to happen for a business?

Many attribute their success to inbound marketing efforts, generating leads by marketing your business in such a way that consumers reach out to you. In order to be successful, businesses need to expand their prospecting, marketing, and communications strategies to reach their audiences through the channels the audiences prefer. More and more, this is moving toward digital marketing, especially through various social media outlets. Facebook ads, boosted Facebook posts, and sponsored Instagram posts are just a few ways many businesses are leading customers and potential customers to contact them. As a result of leading potential clients to reach out – whether through phone call, direct message, or email – the close rate for sales teams dramatically improves.

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